Laser Cutting Services

Make your ideas come to life using our high powered laser cutter.

Laser Engraving Services

Add your own personalization or branding on any type of surface or material.


Laser Engraving

Supercharge your event activations using our portable laser engraving machines

Unleash Your Imagination, Crafted with Laser Precision.

  • Laser Precision

    Harness the power of precision with our top-of-the-line laser cutting and marking services. 

  • Ignite your creativity

    Your imagination knows no bounds, and we are here to turn your ideas into tangible realities. 

  • Unmatched Efficiency

    We value your time and strive for efficiency in every aspect of our service. 

About Our Services


    Laser Engraving Services

    With the use of high-powered lasers, intricate designs, logos, and text can be permanently engraved with exceptional accuracy and detail, making it an ideal choice for personalized gifts, promotional items, and industrial applications.

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    Laser Cutting Services

    This technology offers clean and intricate cuts, enabling the creation of custom shapes, intricate patterns, and detailed designs for industries like signage, prototyping, and manufacturing, providing a fast and efficient cutting solution.

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    On-site Engraving Services

    Bring the convenience of personalized engraving directly to your location. This eliminates the need for shipping or transporting items and ensures quick and efficient customization with a personal touch.

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"Always reliable! They are my go-to! Service is always on time and staff are very helpful."

Patricia Gotohio, Indulge Patisserie

We LOVE working with your team! Super saya ko na you came along we had another alternative for customization dati kasi stamping lang and I don’t like the output. The laser is more consistent and now able to deliver more custom projects thanks to you!

Em Somera, Viviamo Inc.

They're efficient and resourceful, but most of all, they are very helpful. They've helped us by supplying high-quality wood and acrylic templates for our products. Their laser engraving services are also top-notch. They're a great supplier and partner.

Joanna Gutierrez, Istorya Creations