Our Story

Our company started in 2017 attending to laser engraving requirements by our mother company Funk Trunk. In three years, we were able to grow and specialize skills in laser engraving and cutting of wood, acrylic, leather, and paper. We provide professional and quality service to clients from different industries from cutting and marking on advertising signs or signages, manufacturing pre-cut designs, and engraving for corporate gifts. We boast our machine’s efficiency and capability to laser mark or engrave on 100-150 units per hour.

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission

Speed Laser Studio was founded to help grow our existing business in corporate gifts. Our mission is to help other entrepreneurs to grow their business to its full potential. We strive to help other businesses maximize their visibility through increased brand recognition.

What does Speed Laser Studio do?

Our Philosophy


We are driven to continuously innovate. From thick to thin materials, we provide a finer finished product with excellent edge quality. Our cost-effective solution guarantees not only quality but also time efficiency.


We ensure precision for every service we render. Our laser technology replicates the exact pattern or drawing and accurately cuts on the material leaving smooth and unburned surfaces.


We strive to create new things to improve everyday life. From simple to complex designs, we design with care. Our laser machines can help fabricate prototypes for mass production. 

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